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Revive and renew your vehicle with our detail enhancing paint correction. Whether its a small correction or a larger correction our process ensures your vehicle will look newer than new. 



Level 1 Enhancement Polish

Our exterior detail enhancement polish is a one-step machine polishing step that leaves paint looking cleaner and enhances gloss and shine. Designed for brightening and gloss enhancement, this treatment will leave your car with a lustrous shine and streak-free surface. Includes Level 1 exterior detail including paint decontamination, 1 Step (or Stage) Polishing.

Starting at $299 


Level 2 One Step Correction

Our one-step paint correction takes out a majority of the scratches and swirls on your vehicle, while leaving a professional finish. This may be just what you need to breathe some life back into that dulled exterior of your vehicle.Includes our level 1 exterior detail, Paint decontamination, 1 step (or stage) paint correction, We aim for 75%+ defect removal.


Starting at $599


Level 3 Two Step Correction

Paint correction starts with a heavy compounding step. We have an enhancement polish that includes our exterior detail; this is our top tier service that involves a 2-step machine polishing. Ideally looking to achieve 90% defect removal from the clear 

coat to leave \vel finish that is truly amazing. Includes our level 1 exterior detail 2 step (or stage) compound and machine polishing .We aim for 90%+ defect removal Includes paint sealant or Optimal preparation for our ceramic coating

Starting at $799

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